Thursday, July 1, 2010

Myron T. Flamboyd at your service

I now think the somewhat overwhelmed feelings I described in my previous post with regard to reaction to my flamboyant persona was just a passing phase. For events and actions I have participated in since that posting have served to plunge me all the more deeply into flamboyance--and I find my main reaction is glee.

I ventured into the sport of En Garde fencing, discovered I liked it and seemed to have a knack for it, and suddenly went from timid sword-avoider to eager (if still overly-brash) swashbuckler.

An outer-east-side parcel on Caledon Steam SkyCity came on the market, and I suddenly found myself falling in love with the location and purchasing it. Next thing I knew, I was installing a pub on the parcel, named The Brazen Hussy, along with an En Garde piste to indulge my new obsession with the sport.

And when Relay For Life Team Caledon announced they would be holding a Miss Caledon pageant, and that they would makes the contest open to all genders, I could not resist nominating myself for the title.

I tell you, are these the actions of a man who has put a moratorium on all things flamboyant and attention-grabbing? I don't think so! And frankly, I am so glad I got over myself and whatever was causing me to be so jumpy about the whole thing.

On reflection, I think what was holding me up was the concern that someone, somewhere out there in the Steamlands might possibly be perturbed by my ridiculous carryings-on ... because, as strange as it may seem, I do have this odd little dread of displeasing even one person. But you know what? I'm having so much fun doing these crazy things, and so many people are apparently having fun watching me do them, that I'm just going to quit worrying about the possibility of someone taking it amiss.